Advantages of MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students |

The is a venture of NixTour India Private Limited also a big name of Study Abroad Consultants. Engaged in aiding students make a wise decision for a great career and higher studies in Ukraine ever since 2012, we have helped more than 2000 students successfully fulfill their dream to study in the best Universities of Ukraine. We provide not only guidance but have a personal touch towards each student traveling to Ukraine for higher studies through us. Dr. Nikesh Ranjan, the Director of NixTour India Private Limited, himself having completed his medicine degree from Ukraine not only has a fairy good idea of the different universities in Ukraine but also has a personal contact with most of them which definitely helps facilitates students studies and stay in Ukraine.

Also students planning to head to Ukraine through study abroad consultants and get the best insight of the courses they are opting for and also the particular University they are selecting. Personal counseling sessions are held personally by our director to clarify and provide a transparent insight to Ukraine and studying patterns there. We continuously travel personally to different universities in regular intervals and also keep in close base with students who have opted studies in Ukraine for any assistance from our end. Unlike other educational counseling organizations we feel that our work starts from the day a student moves to any premier university in Ukraine till the day they successfully complete their degree.

Apart from educational counseling we also assist MBBS Students to select their travel line, their lodging while in Ukraine and other aids that can make the life of a foreign student much simpler in a distant land. Faith and proper guidance are the key standards that we dwell on Nixtour.

City Orientation and 5 days free meal is provided to our MBBS Students .

 When students reach Abroad, Nixtour provides free tour to the city to make students familiar with the places as they are new to the atmosphere and we also provide first five day meal to the students they can face problems like currency convert issues or suddenly they can’t cook, so our company provides two or five days free meal. Not only this our representative also helps them with groceries. As food is most important, Indian parents get worried whether their child will get Indian food or not. Every floor has two or at least one kitchen if students wants to cook. Indian Mess is also available. Multi Indian cuisine. Some Universities don’t have indian mess so we inform before hand.

 No Donation :

Just your document updated and u can easily go, Education is cheap cost wise, if parents want to visit can easily go or even can go with them Parents can visit these countries before admission or can go with their child, Tourist Visa or Private Visa whatever is needed we Nixtour provides everything. On the spot you can take admission. we have our Offices and Representatives who will guide you with everything, He will show all the Top MBBS Universities of Ukraine and Russia and you can take instant decisions and Nixtour will help u in everything.

NIXTOUR stands for Trust | Transparency | Parental Guidance :

We take care of everything throughout the session, we keep transparency, you should have all the knowledge. We will give u proof of everything as our Director and Founder Dr. Nikesh Ranjan went to Russia in 2012 to study MBBS there and faced many difficulties and high challenges from the agents. This made him feel an urge to set up a clean organization that can ensure smooth and seamless studying experience in Russia and Ukraine.

We not only take care of students throughout the whole study session but We, at Nixtour being no.1 in Ticketing in Ukraine International Airlines, Aeroflot and Qatar. Students fly by Ukraine International Airlines, it has so many facilities likewise it has direct flights from Delhi to Ukraine, u can reach in 6.5 hours to Ukraine, students need extra luggage when they travel for the first time or come back, so we provide extra weight for luggage, it’s a very comfortable flight two Indian meals available. Students who have already flied have experienced a wonderful journey, they have reached fresh and safe which is most important. Our company Nixtour India Pvt Ltd is one of leading IATA Accredited Travel Company working with major Airlines and making No. 1 in  Ukraine International Airlines. Extra luggage is allowed free of cost.

We Assist You :

  1. Assistance in selecting best University for a certain program.
  2. Assistance in choosing appropriate Bachelor/Master program.
  3. Issuance of Admission Confirmation letter.
  4. Invitation letter from a certain/recommended University.
  5. Legalization & Apostille of all documents.
  6. MCI Eligibility certificate assistance.
  7. VISA support.
  8. Airport pick up.
  9. Transportation to the University.
  10. Accommodation arrangement in hostel.
  11. Assistance in Health Insurance.
  12. Assistance in Medical check-up.
  13. Assistance in Registration with University.
  14. Assistance in Tuition fee payments to the University.
  15. Student’s ID card, hostel card, International student’s card (free of charge).
  16. Opening a bank Account in Russia.
  17. Support to our students during whole studying period.
  18. Arrangement of separate rooms for female students.
  19. Visa support during the entire period of study.

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Advantages of MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students |

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