Dr. Nikesh Ranjan

“The Best efforts will reap the best fruits.” Dr.Nikesh Ranjan strongly believes in it.

Our Director, Dr. Nikesh Ranjan is very easy going and very confident. He believes in hard work, not luck
factor. He is a very effective Leader which is the most important aspect of a company and its team's
success. He is consistently transparent and balanced in his communication and work style.
Dr. Nikesh Ranjan has build a strong relationships with his Students and Employees too. This Genuine
Quality of him has created good relationships and crystal clear loyalty among our past as well present
MBBS students.
His Positive and helpful nature has created great word-of-mouth.
He Dropped each and every student to the Universities Abroad, he went along with the group of
students and took care of everything from admission of the student till departure and accommodation,
Be it Entrance Exam study material or preparation for the same, he handles everything with full
confidence, which makes him favorite among every student and builds a strong never ending
Dr. Nikesh Ranjan is so understanding of matters in and out of the workplace. Sometimes Parents get
panicked and students suddenly change their minds, he understands and accepts the situation and
handle things accordingly.
Our CEO, Dr. Nikesh Ranjan thinks outside the box which makes him and his company stand out to
Students, Customers and prospects.
One of the greatest ability of him is the ability to read his students mind and adapt management styles
accordingly. He keeps strong eyes on his students, how they are studying abroad and every students
Academic Report is discussed with their Parents. He not only gets connected to his student for 6 years
but 24/7 is alert on whatsapp just for the ease of Parents who have trusted him.
Last but not the least, his biggest quality is taking calculated risks which shows his confidence and it is
helping him grow as a business leader and a very reliable representative of Universities Abroad.
In his words ‘Success won't be handed to you on a silver platter. Embracing risk also helps you
overcome the fear of failing.’

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“The Best efforts will reap the best fruits.” Dr.Nikesh Ranjan strongly believes in it.

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