Why MBBS Students go Abroad to study Medicine !!!

Why MBBS Students go Abroad to study likewise in Ukraine and Russia because in India there are limited seats. If we talk about NEET Exam approax 15,00,000 students appeared, even if 60% or 70% students pass but seats will be provided to 67,000 govt. seats plus 50,000 approx. Private seats. Private college fees is 10 to 12 lakhs minimum per annum in India.

Now if 1,00,000 MBBS Students get admission whose Parents who can afford or on merit but what about those 14,00,000 students what will they do, for them we have an option MBBS ABROAD that is in less cost students can study medicine Abroad. For going Abroad qualifying NEET is Mandatory. According to WHO the ratio in population is 1000:1, that is one Doctor in 1000 population but Indian scenario is 20,000 :1, shortage of Doctors. That’s really a sad news.

MBBS Students who don’t get admission in India due to either bad marks or budget issue in India have
the desire to go Abroad to study MBBS but are pushed back by there Parents, why because there Parent’s mind boggles with so many negative questions. One question listed on top of the list is that if
they send there children for Abroad MBBS studies then they will mere waste time and when return after completion of there MBBS Study will lack behind because they won’t be able to clear the FMGE Exam.


No more FMGE Exam for foreign Medical Graduates. Be it INDIA or ABROAD, all MBBS Graduates haveKanisha_Mbbs Students to clear the NEXT EXAM and then only they can get the license to practice Medicine in India. So it would not really be a good idea to drop a precious year and wait for the next NEET attempt or switch to courses like BDS, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy or Ayurveda. Planning for a career in MBBS and switching unwillingly to these options is a bad choice So Don’t give up your dreams and keep them alive.

Dear Our Future Doctors and there Parents think about it. Do not hesitate to send your child Abroad for studying MBBS.

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Why MBBS Students go Abroad to study Medicine !!!

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