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Will I be able to clear upcoming FMGE or maybe now NEXT Exam?

Yes, It is difficult to crack the exam but it is not impossible. Definitely mind boggles with this doubt of being able to clear the exam, why not if studied hard and regularly, When it comes in our mind related to any exam then fear comes naturally but would suggest you that not to fear with FMGE or NEXT as it is a qualifying exam but not ranking exams and u have to get at least cut off percentage and we  assure if you consistently study in planned manner for 5 to 6 hours daily for upcoming 6 years u will definitely beat it, plus preparation for KROK exam after every 3 years and a newly introduced  IFOM USA based exam gives an extra advantage to Ukraine Graduates.
Few Suggestions to prepare for the Exam
1) Divide the entire important topics you wish to cover within the available time by preparing a time table for how to prepare for the Exam.
2) Stick to the time table, if some topics are left out, allot few days at the end to cover such topics.
3) Time for daily and complete revision should also be available.
The best part of Study MBBS in Ukraine is the daily topic marking system.
MARKING SCHEME IN UKRAINE FOR STUDY MBBS : Marking scheme for every day test will be
2   /   3    /    4     /    5    /
2 is a Fail
3 is Satisfactory
4 is Good
5  is Excellent.
MODULE EXAMS When studying MBBS in Ukraine and Russia, there will be two Semesters every year, one in January and one in June. It is important to score at least 50% marks.
Attempts for passing If the student doesn’t pass he can give three attempts. Teachers provide full guidelines and help the students.

For more Info visit www.ukreducation.in

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Will I be able to clear upcoming FMGE or maybe now NEXT Exam?

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